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Our development process involves a rigorous testing regime, to ensure robust performance in the ever-dynamic market environment. Our trading systems are the products of a rigorous research & development process that lays emphasis on maximizing alpha while being risk-smart via effective drawdown controls. With our proprietary execution systems, orders are placed seamlessly with minimal latency.


With a presence in Ahmedabad and Goa, we look for associations with Institutional Investors and HNI clients across India.

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features of the quant approach

01 | Sophisticated risk-smart trading strategies with robust alpha generation

03 | Elimination of trading biases and inefficiences induced by human emotion

02 | Data-driven multi-model approach that keeps up with the ever-changing markets

04 | Automated low-latency order execution with minimal slippage

Features of the Quant Approach


Aditya Karve


Systems Development

A computer-science engineer from Manipal University, Aditya is responsible for designing and optimizing live trading systems at Finvant.  He also explores additional avenues like using artificial intelligence to further bolster trading performance.

Deep Thanki


Systems Development

An engineer from DA-IICT, Deep has extensive experience in Python-based development & Technological Frameworks. At Finvant, Deep specializes in streamlining the amalgamation of Technology and Finance.

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Research and Strategy

An MBA from IIM Indore, Kaivalya has been associated with the financial markets for the last 5 years. At Finvant, Kaivalya is engaged in financial research, trading strategy design, and development on the business front.

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Research and Strategy

An IIM Indore graduate, Pruthvi is fascinated by the world of finance and has strived to be a part of the FinTech space from a young age. He has worked as Data & Finance Analyst at CIIE.CO (IIM Ahmedabad) and as Public Finance Intern at PRS Legislative Research.

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